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Examples about Naming Standards

Naming Standard on all available resources

  Scenario Outline: Naming Standard on all available resources
    Given I have <resource_name> defined
    When it contains <name_key>
    Then its value must match the "myproject-(prod|uat|dev)-someapplication-.*" regex

    | resource_name           | name_key |
    | AWS EC2 instance        | name     |
    | AWS ELB resource        | name     |
    | AWS RDS instance        | name     |
    | AWS S3 Bucket           | bucket   |
    | AWS EBS volume          | name     |
    | AWS Auto-Scaling Group  | name     |
    | aws_key_pair            | key_name |
    | aws_ecs_cluster         | name     |

This is just an example where we assumed we have a naming standard that we apply

  • Project name (myproject in this example)
  • Environment (prod, uat or dev in this example)
  • Application Name (someapplication in this example)

to all resources that we create. The scenario above covers some of the resources that we want to check against.

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