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Using Tags

terraform-compliance supports using tags within the BDD feature files.

An example tag usage :

Feature: My test feature

Scenario: #1 Ensure my specific s3 buckets are private but dont fail
  Given I have aws_s3_bucket defined
  Then it must contain acl
  And its value must be private

Scenario: #2 Some other scenario that may fail
  Given ....

in this case, terraform-compliance will execute both scenarios but will never fail Scenario #1 due to @nofail tag. These tags can also be use on top of the Features instead of Scenarios. Default Failure : error heading will also be changed with the tag name. It will be nofail : in the example above.

Supported Tags

Tag Name(s) Description
warning, no-failure, no-fail, info, nofailure, nofail, dontfail Do not fail the scenario.
noskip, no-skip, dontskip, failonskip, fail-on-skip Fail if any part of the scenario skips.
noskip_at_line_8, no-skip_at_lines_10_22_23, Fail if any of the indicated lines skips. Note: only GIVEN and WHEN steps can be skipped
case-sensitive, case_sensitive, case-sensitivity, casesensitive Use case sensitive matching on all steps. (Including regexes)
exclude_aws_s3_bucket.mybucket, ignore_azurerm_storage_account.example, exclude_resource_type.resource_name Exclude given resource from this scenario.

Please note that, nofail and noskip tags can not be used within the same scenario.

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