Installing via pip

terraform-compliance is available as as pip package in PyPi.

It requires Python 3.x to run properly. Installation is pretty standard like any Python package.

[~] $ pip install terraform-compliance

or for faster parsing support (requires orjson)

[~] $ pip install terraform-compliance[faster_parsing]

in some use cases, you may want to create a new virtual environment to encapsulate terraform-compliance installation in your venv directory. In order to do that ;

First install virtualenv package, if you don’t have ;

[~] $ pip install virtualenv

Then create a new virtual environment ;

[~] $ virtualenv venv

venv will be our virtual environment directory. If your system is using Python 2.x by default, you can use

[~] $ virtualenv venv --python=/path/to/python3/executable

for creating a new Python environment supporting with the same version that you provide via --python parameter.

After you created your virtual environment, activate it via ;

[~] $ . venv/bin/activate

and just follow the terraform-compliance installation defined in the first step.

terraform-compliance made with . Distributed by an MIT license.